Day 149: You Are Not My Problem

I had a really good talk with Rahul’s wife yesterday about how I let things affect me. I usually see all the things that people are doing negatively and then take on that negativity. I either call the person out or sit in silence fuming. Now that this behavior is noticed and noted, I have got to make some changes in how I take these problems or people on.

When I say this, I mean it with absolutely no ego: I’m not like everyone else. I do what I’m told to the letter and expect everyone else to do the same. Most people I know try to cut corners or place their cell phone really close to them so that people can’t see that they are texting instead of paying attention. When I tell them, even in a leadership position, I get looked at as the bad guy.

My classmates have no idea how much they cheat their other classmates, including myself, out of great discussion and learning by not taking assignments seriously. I won’t even get into the tardiness issue. It has been brought up so many times that it is pointless to even be bothered about it anymore. The best I can do is show up on time and be ready whenever they feel like showing up.

Maybe the things that bothers me is that regardless of being the person who does right or the person who does wrong, the outcomes are the same. Crooks get articles in Forbes magazine. Classmates get the same certificate as I do. How is all of this fair? It’s not but life is not fair.

Maybe, that’s the point. Life is not fair but I am being fair to myself. I’m making sure that I’m doing the very best that I can everyday and what everyone else is doing is none of my business. Perhaps, this journey is not about making it to the finish line with everyone but making it to the finish line and taking the ribbon for myself. I have been conflicted because as I learn my power I walk the thin line of confidence and ego.