Day 126: This Next Generation

When ever I think about the generation behind me I get very excited and nervous about our future. In many ways, this next generation has already lifted the doors off of centuries old judgements and mindsets. On the other hand, it seems at times that they want a society with no rules but create rules even within that society. To speak about philosophy and innovative ideas is completely exhilarating, but counting on many of these Gen Z to follow through with an idea or even show up is frustrating.

I have recently had a person take photos for my parent’s company for social media and other promotional materials and was shocked at the lack of drive this person had in taking this opportunity. In the United States, most children are out of school and consuming all the marketing for back-to-school. You would think a paying gig would have motivated this person to complete the assignment and be proud of their work. There is almost a false confidence that exists within the youth getting ready to complete high school.

One on hand, you have the confidence that they have around friends and peers and then when you take them into a real world situation, they freeze and completely don’t know who they are. This person that took on the job has an incredibly talented eye for photography, but asked if she could use her phone instead. She then wondered why people weren’t taking her seriously. I didn’t even have a chance to be angry or disappointed because I was shocked at the collection of photos that were sent to me.

Then, you have these free-loving souls that are breaking the limits placed on gender and sexuality. They impress me with knowing about current topics and even historical ones. They speak from a place of knowing where they want the world to go. You can tell by the expressions on their faces while speaking that they can actually see the world they want. After experiencing that, I’m completely all in and inspired to see what they do with what my generation does with the world.

I’m starting to shed off the idea that I alone can fix and that the entire world’s problems are my problem to fix. As I do this, I am starting to hear other’s solutions and becoming more solid in what my purpose is. I want to simply make this world a better place by helping people of all ages create calm when needed and focus when it is required. The everyday stresses that I put on myself are becoming less and my mind while always going 1,000 MPH is starting to slow down to about 700 MPH. I am a part of this change in thinking. I’m sure that during my very short lifetime this far, I have changed someone’s way of thinking. I would like to think that there is at least one person’s life I have changed forever.