Day 125: The Robber in All of Us Pt. 3

So, “Sorry, you’ve been dooped?” as the recently deceased Beth Chapman said. How do you respond to a robber? The process of being a victim, of understanding and of forgiveness begins. You start to go through anger depending how large the theft or your attachment was. Then, with time, you start to notice the anger and confusion is costing you. You have to realize that the pay off is that you cannot own any other person’s thefts. A robber makes all the choices to rob a person or not. Therefore, the pay off is that the robber has to live with this debt that is not yours to collect.

See, Wesley stole more than money from me. He stole my story and, for a while, my ability to trust people. To this day, I still don’t trust gurus, coaches, guides, social media entrepreneurs or anyone that has to do with the look-at-my-life-so-that-i-can-make-money-off-of-you-while-you-try-to-copy-my-life-or-business-model type of people. So, in essence, he also stole my faith. However, there comes a time when I have to have faith that Wesley will one day be the Grinch at the exact moment he grew a heart, that he will someday sit and talk with his father with professional help to clear his mind so that one day everyone gets the privilege to meet the real Wesley. I know that he is an amazing human he just has to find that person that he wants to be. However, right now, he doesn’t even know that he needs to search.

Coming this far has taken me over a year and I live 8,000 miles away from this person. There are no common places that we could run into each other. I have him blocked on most social media along with his wife. I was so upset when I returned from visiting his ranch that it made me very depressed and upset because he wouldn’t give me a piece of paper that would in some way validate that I can help people. Used toilet paper is worth more than his validation. I paid the money, did the hard work including an internship and still ended up with nothing. What do you do with that? Where do you put all the emotions you feel?

To all the readers of this from Garden Grove, California, Usk, Washington and Sandpoint, Idaho, I hope that the right person reads this and feels a little better knowing that they are not alone. I hope that any child that Wesley has promised things to know that they are important and that they are worth more than any of the propaganda material he uses them for. I want you to make sure that if you talk to Wesley that, unfortunately, I still can remember the way that he treated me but that I work every day to forget. I hope that someone reading this thinks twice before giving this man money especially for the sake of helping kids or horses for that matter. I don’t have these feelings for any other human being on this planet and I have had some pretty shitty things done to me by friends, family and strangers. I want you to know that although I can’t forget, I do forgive him because it is clear that he can’t help himself.

Robbers are innocent too. Blaming or judging someone is pointless and you are always going to be the one that loses in the end. I have no idea how long the process of letting go lasts but I do know that with hard work you start to think about it less. You start to see things from a perspective that you didn’t even know existed. Right now, I’m in the stage where I just feel pity for the person that is wounded but don’t I understand the hurt from their actions. It takes time but approaching anything with an open heart and mind will always end in your favor.