Day 171: How to Let Go Even When You Know You Are Right

In life we are handed many things, but the most frustrating is dealing with people who do you wrong and having nothing to do about it.  I’m not talking about things that people have done to you illegally.  Those that wrong you on the side of law breaking will always have justice served to them one way or another.  I’m specifically talking about people who spread lies about you, fall off the radar without any closure or reason or take things from you like your sanity or things that have no monetary value.  

In my case, I have learned that the most simple thing to do is to free yourself form any thoughts of retaliation or the situation completely.  I had a mentor once that told me, ‘This may be happening to you personally, but it’s not personal.’  You might be asking yourself what that even means.  

As a breakdown things that happen to you personally are things that happen to you.  A person cuts you off on the road.  A friend spreads rumors about you.  You might get scammed out of $15,000 from someone that you thought you could trust.  These are all things that may have personally happened to you.

The second part of that statement is to not take those things personally.  The person that cut you off on the road probably didn’t even realize that he/she had done that.  Your friend may have spread those lies about you so that the feel or make themselves look better.  The person that scammed you out of $15,000 may have needed that money more than you.  

You may never know what someone’s motives are but those motives are none of your business.  It doesn’t matter if that person cut you off because you are above reacting to it.  That friend that spread rumors about you isn’t really a friend so why waste anymore efforts in that direction.  The hurt you feel from someone scamming you out of money may be real and very personal.  Know that your life is better without having involvement with any of them.  Sometimes, that’s the only blessing.