Day 173: You Don’t Have to Fight

There are many things going on in the world that are splitting it in two.  Politics, news stories or even drag queen reading to children to spread diversity can cause a rift in entire communities.  The most important thing is to keep level head.  You have to realize that someone is just as entitled to their opinion as you are to yours.  You don’t have to fight.

Donald Trump has been a title of discussion all across the world.  His controversial presidential style has cause a lot of debate of fitness for office, theories that the president is conspiring with foreign governments to if his wife has a stunt double at some public events.  While all of this is truly happening.  We don’t need to fight to prove which side is right and which side is wrong.  Look at the facts always and don’t judge them.  A moral compass is not hard to find with people that are rational.

With polarized news channels such as CNN and Fox News fanning the flames of the debates surrounding the American president, it is hard to weed out the truth as both are leaning to one side or the other at times.  If the goal of our president was to destroy the conventional way of our media, he has certainly succeeded in this job.  Even I have a hard time listening to news commentators voicing their opinions rather than reporting news.  People fight over which facts to believe and which to not believe.  Facts should always be facts.  

Recently, in my hometown of St. Joseph, MO, a drag queen was asked to read some stories to children at a downtown library.  People instantly turned to petitions and social media to voice their opinions about what is right and wrong.  This news story supposed the engagement of the stories surrounding our St. Joseph School District being plagued with fraud.  I don’t even know how this is possible but it is completely fascinating.  Plain and simple, if somethings not for you, move on.

The world today is anger and likes to fight.  However, everyone in this world wants to stand on a mountain taller than the next person.  There is not a single person that is above giving everyone the utmost respect.  Somewhere along the way, we have lost that.  We have lost the silent agreement that we are supposed to treat everyone like human beings.