Day 177: Sincerity

The lack of sincere people in this world is unfortunately becoming less surprising everyday.  The lack of sincere people in this world actually is having people reject people that are truly sincere.  Anyone who encounters a sincere person looks at them through a lens of disbelief or caution.  If we lack this inherent sincerity as culture throughout the world, what are we left with?

People go to job that they completely despise.  They look at themselves in the morning wondering how did they get where they are.  Why didn’t they live out that dream of becoming a Broadway singer?  Why didn’t they make that choice that could have changed their life forever?  Why weren’t they discovered for all the talents they possess?

All of these statements are a wrong way of thinking.  They are all containing a feeling of regret or a state completely opposite of being charismatic. When things are supposed to happen, they do.  Commonly, successes are forced without sustainability.  When your goal is to make quick money, it goes away just as fast as it comes.  

Anything worthwhile is not easy.  Artist spend entire lifetimes creating artwork that is never seen while they are alive.  Could you imagine what Picasso would think about one of his paintings selling for what they do or having a whole building dedicated to his paintings and drawings.  It must be absurd to him watching from wherever he is.  

Sincerity is doing whatever it is that you love not because it is going to get you somewhere or something.  People are motivated by money, drugs and really anything material.  If you are saying that you are doing what you love and you are more worried about your bank account, then you are doing it all wrong.  A friend of mine  once said that it is bullshit that people do stuff out of their hearts and not for money.  He eventually lost everything and had to scramble for housing.