Day 178: Business vs Duty

While the business world is always searching for the bottom line, duty is doing what it has always been doing regardless of the outcome.  Worrying about what people think, say or do is constantly affecting the business world while duty is business as usual regardless of weather, feelings or fruits.  What happens when these two collide?  I’m having a hard time grasping what a world looks like when the definitions of both of these are different yet people, all the time, try to make them the same.

Today was a rough day for me.  I went through so many emotions.  It all started when one of my fellow volunteers embarrassed me in front of the entire camp.  Even before that this guy was working my nerves by micromanaging every action.  

I was put in charge of making a list for Karma Yoga duties and splitting the campers into groups.  I was asked repeatedly if the list was made.  I finally asked if the person wanted to make the list as well.  It didn’t help that my group was never informed of an orientation that took place before the camp where everyone learned the ins and outs of the workings of the camp.  However, I was already frustrated.  

Then, after the second day, there was an upset between some of the campers that one of their duties was to clean the toilets.  The volunteers made a bigger deal about it than the campers.  Long story short, my leadership position was taken from me.  I was informed that we never make the volunteers clean the toilets.  I’m offended at this point because who is above cleaning a toilet?

After this entire ordeal, I was livid for about an hour and a half mainly because my embarrassment that I had people do something that they were never supposed to do.  My biggest frustration was that the guy that kept asking me for the Karma Yoga list, could have said all along that they were not to clean the toilets.  I was using the duties that the instructor had told me to have them do.  

This fellow volunteer also explained to me that out of the 7 day camp about 8-10 of them were expected to enroll in the Teacher’s Training Course.  If they want to be teachers and have a problem cleaning a toilet, I want nothing to do with them or their class.  I grew up in a family business.  I have cleaned puke, poop and many other things off walls, floors and toilets.  To have someone say, and apologize, to people for having them clean toilets is not only defeating the purpose but what kind of teachers are they producing?