Day 201: Duty

In the course that I am in, we have emphasized a lot on purpose and our duty. My purpose in life is to make this place a little better than when I entered it. I do this by being the change that I want to see in the world. I do this by smiling at strangers. Now, I do this by teaching people about the practice of yoga.

I have students that suffer from anxiety. I have students that have recently lost both of their parents. I have students that are recovering from a torn ACL or hamstring. All of these students come to the studio in hopes that they can find answers or relief. It is my duty to guide them.

I have learned the difference between helping and enabling people. I recommend certain exercises and techniques but it is up to them to practice the techniques on their own. They have to want to make their circumstances better before I can do anything with them. So, I wait. It requires a lot of patience and understand but I wait.

Some form resentment the way I did when I was going through detoxification from anti-depressants. Some are ready and start to make progress within the first session. Most are waiting for someone to swoop into their life and fix it. The majority are looking for the magic pill. The truth is that there is no magic pill to take. It is effort, perseverance and a lot of work to change.

My duty is to be available to everyone. I’m not for everyone but that is none of my business. I put myself out there everyday to be of service. I make sure that anyone that crosses my path knows that I am here for them if they need any support or guidance. This is my duty in life.