Day 202: To Know Where You Belong

I have written many times about how I was treated before my life life took an amazing turn into travel and discovering India. What I haven’t said is that I have no desire to stop this life. I have designed my life in such a way that I could continue on with this life for as long as I wanted. This is what it feels like to know where I belong. I didn’t and don’t belong in Saint Joseph, MO. I belong somewhere else having adventures and making my impression on the world around me elsewhere.

In truth, I did everything there was to do in Saint Joseph. I opened a non-profit to combat the horrible plague of suicide in St. Joseph. I did community theatre and had a place on the board there. I organized entertainment two years in a row for the largest event in the business community. I won Diplomat of the Year with our Chamber of Commerce. I have helped other launch their own careers.

I used to blame others for my negative attitude and for taking anti-depressants. The truth is that I was where I didn’t belong. So, where do I belong? I have no idea. I feel I could do the same that I’m doing here literally anywhere in the world. I can change lives via zoom, Facebook messenger and Facetime. I have been working on putting together my new website. I have other opportunities in the books as well.

These are all things that will make me very busy in the upcoming future. Building my online yoga certification program. Building a kids program so that I can offer kid’s camps in the summer. Starting a teacher’s training geared to teens getting ready to enter college with a trade skill already. There are also talks of a Yoga Retreat coming soon in April. I have no idea where this is going to take me. I do know that this is where I belong.

India is an amazing country and I really don’t want to leave. However, I’m excited to see the person I have become while staying here. It will be interesting to be living in the US again where they observe traffic laws. It will be interesting to not just be visiting the US. Saying this out loud already feels suffocating because I know that there is not where I belong.