Day 182: Giving Thanks

Showing gratitude has many forms. Some say that it is a surrender to God’s will. Some say that is letting go of ego. Some say it is bowing down to the Devine. I think it is all of these.

Today, I give thanks to Yogendraji, all of his disciples who then found other disciples and then for all of them for becoming teachers and filling me full of wisdom and seeds of knowledge. I had a conversation with a lady from France that said she doesn’t believe in God. With this, I think most people get confused about religion because of the imagery and the way that religion has become unchangeable and non-diversified.

Religion has changed time and time again over the centuries and is still changing. If you look at what Jesus would have really looked like, he wouldn’t be a white man with pale skin. He would be completely the opposite. Mary would look more like an Indian woman than a white nun. How do we find thanks in this?

Let people believe what they want to. Stop joining churches because your families and friends go there and form some basis of religion on your own. People don’t want to think for themselves and use church as a matter of appearance more than for spiritual healing and growth. I have learned more about my spirituality in the practice of yoga than I have in any church. With that said, I’m not saying that your way of worship or your beliefs are wrong. I’m simply stating that you keep your beliefs and if I’m still trying to figure it would, let me Do it on my own time.

Giving complete gratitude is surrendering to the God inside of you. You are the image of God. If there is nothing that sparks inspiration there, you can always go outside and take a deep breath. If that’s not a reason to be grateful, then I don’t know what is.