Day 183: What Am I Afraid Of?

Looking at the emotion of fear lately has had me thinking about what I am really fearful of? When I acknowledge these fears, I am allowing myself to process these fears and move on. When you conquer or move on from your even fundamental fears you are freeing up space in your mind for other things. This things can be positive as conquering a fear is a huge accomplishment and should be celebrated adequately.

The thing that terrifies me the most is death. I won’t bungee jump or jump from an airplane because there is a chance to die. Just the other day, I wouldn’t inhale helium because it doesn’t belong in my body. My fear of dying actually quite cliche. I have so much to accomplished, I don’t want to be forgotten and I don’t want to die all alone. These things keep me awake at night sometimes because I constantly worry about not getting something done or working hard enough.

I used to be absolutely afraid of the dark. Even as an adult, I would like going outside. I still catch myself running inside from my car at night or running up the stairs from the basement. Aren’t all basements just creepy at night?

I don’t like deep water where I can’t touch my toes. The last time I was in Sri Lanka, I walked pretty far out into the ocean and had a fantastic time but there were several times that something would rub against my legs or toes. I would, literally, want to jump on the top of the water and run all the way to the shore. During my days in San Francisco, my friend Holly said that I needed to conquer this fear. She took my to the ocean at night. Now, I am not afraid of the water and the dark but am afraid of them separately.

Fear is a nervous system response. When your nerves are disturbed so is your mind. You can’t make solid decisions, properly digest food or get sufficient rest when your nerves are disturbed. I have been working on conquering these fears slowly and getting rid of the one-by-one.