Day 45: Pampering


After a month and a half of twisting my 39 year old bones and muscles, I spent almost an entire day pampering myself.  I went to the Liquid Sanctuary to float again.  It felt incredible.  Instead of hallucinating like I had done before, I kept waking myself up by snoring loudly.  I can only imagine that they heard my snore all the out in the lobby.  However, the room are soundproof.  

Immediately after, I went to Pet Story to pick up some treat for the dogs.  Then, I headed straight to Shen Reflexology.  I was disappointed that they could only get me in for an hour of foot reflexology compared to the normal 90 minutes I used to but I am excited for them that they are so busy.  It is a really great place if you are in Mumbai to check out for an afternoon of relaxation.  The staff are very nice and the environment is very clean.  The massage room smells like lemongrass and almond.  

I couldn’t tell you if I was in and out of consciousness during the massage but there are parts of it don’t remember.  It is so funny how we trust some environments and not others.  We can fall asleep in a room full of strangers and not think for a minute that something could go horribly wrong.  I guess that’s part of letting go.   

After the massage, I took an Uber back to Powai.  The entire trip only took 35 minute.  This is unheard of.  I enjoyed music and taking photos out the window of the car.  I call these ‘Moving Pictures’.  I hit the shutter button to capture hundreds of these images and then go back in post-shooting to see if I got anything compositionally interesting.  I still have to go back through the photos but for today I’m going to continue to relax with the television off and sit here in silence.   

Silence in a world full of noise is sometimes the best gift you can give yourself.